Napkin Decoupage Altered Frame

24 Jan

Hi there

It had been quiet here for last two weeks as I was away to Thailand. I am back here to share an Ikea altered frame done last night using the napkin decoupage technique.

I was at the Bangkok famous Chatuchak Market and chanced upon a stall selling beautiful paper napkins and supplies for the decoupage technique. I simply can’t resist those beautiful and adorable designs’ napkins so I decided to grab some home. Haha…

Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins

I wish I could get more but it was too much for the pocket. :p Most designs costs 15 Thai Bhat (SGD0.59 / USD0.46) per piece with some costing as high as 45 Thai Bhat (approx. SGD1.76 / US1.37) each. A pack of the same design (maybe 10 or 20 pieces) is surely more value for money. Personally, I prefer to pick and choose and have a variety than in quantity.

This is the stall information if you are keen to check it out the next time you are in Bangkok. The name card is in Thai so I got the staff to write it in English for me. This shop is open from Wednesday to Sun. Do be aware Chatuchak is a weekend market meaning almost all the thousands of shops are expected to open for business during the weekend but only a small number operates from Wednesday till Sun. Check the web for more info

Chatuchuk shop info

I did see a couple more stalls selling paper napkins but they did not seem to have that comprehensive selection as this shop. Maybe there are others around which I had missed out.

Ok…. On the altered Ikea frame.. Though I had previously did decoupage technique using patterned papers but never with paper napkins. This is my first attempt using paper napkin.

Below are the instructions.

Ikea Frame (13.5 by 18.5cm)
Decoupage Medium
Foam Brush
Paper Napkin
Additional embellishments

Napkin Decoupage

1) First, cut the napkin to fit the frame border.
2) Remove the top ply to use.
3) Apply the decoupage medium onto the border and slowly press the napkin down.
(Have to be extra gentle as the napkin is very thin and tears easily).
4) Let it dry and apply a coat of varnish to seal.
5) Add embellishments to dress up the frame.

Ta-Da… A unique and personalized gift for that special one.. It’s easy and meaningful.. Isn’t’ it? : )

Napkin Decoupage Altered Frame

Oh yes… you can decoupage on almost any surface from wooden boxes to glass bottles using pattern papers, magazine pages, fabric pieces etc. Just let your creative juices flow and have fun. : )

Thanks for popping by!


2 Responses to “Napkin Decoupage Altered Frame”

  1. desi February 10, 2016 at 11:03 pm #

    Hi. I am interested in decoupage. can i ask you about this stall you visited in Bangkok?
    thank you

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